Tuesday, 8 December 2009


If you allow me a prediction: The Copenhagen Climate Change Summit will end with no result.

The world leaders will call it a success because they will have a roadmap for future discussions. The pro-do-something groups will complain that nothing concrete has been decided. The anti-do-something groups will complain about the fact that there is a roadmap.

Nothing will change, discussions will continue.

(This is the only article I will write on the topic before the end of the summit. For the rest, my opinion on climate change has been voiced earlier, so no need to repeat.)


Andre Feldhof said...


I agree with you that there will probably not be a fully-fledged agreement, let alone a binding treaty for the future.

Still, I think that the messages that will emanate from the conference and that have been communicated in the run-up can change something. Climate change is not about politicians but rather about a change in behavior of the common people. If tomorrow, ten thousand Americans are inspired to buy a new hybrid car and talk about it to their friends, a signature more or less under a treaty may not be that important.