Saturday 22 August 2009

Dispute between Hungary and Slovakia a disgrace

Watching the dispute(s) between Hungary and Slovakia these days, I feel ashamed being a citizen of the EU.

Both countries - and I have the feeling that Slovakia is pushing much harder for the conflict, e.g. through its recently introduced and disrespectful language law - should refrain from acting as if they were India and Pakistan and not members of the European Union.

Every time when you think this Union could advance a little, some stupid idiots - most frequently old male politicians - ruin everything...!


citizen of Europe said...

What is everything?

Julien said...

"Everything" is, inter alia, building up mutual trust over decades and demolishing it within weeks.

Anonymous said...

From what I have read on it appears to be poor judgment on the part of the Hungarian President. While understandably trying to 'connect' (or whatever you want to call it) with ethnic Hungarians in Slovakia, the timing was poor. The Slovakian people have the right to be angry. Lets just hope it doesn't get blown out of proportion more so than it already has been.

I wonder though, is there a history of this sort of thing happening by the Hungarian president or is this the first?

Julien said...

The latest incident might be poor judgement by the Hungarian President - or calculated provocation - but I don't care whose fault such incidents are.

The way Slovakians and Hungarians - especially their politicians - are interacting these days is against the ideals and values of the European Union. Which is a disgrace.