Thursday 6 August 2009

Norway's parliamentary elections and EU discussions

Finn Myrstad, a Norwegian living and working in Brussels, has written an excellent blog post titled "Will Norway join the EU after Iceland?" in which takes a detailed look at the (rather non-existent) EU-debate ahead of Norway's parliamentary elections on 14 September 2009.

At the end of his article he concludes:
"So, what is the conclusion? I personally hope that the EU will be a prominent issue in the elections, as our relation with Europe is of crucial importance in how we conduct domestic politics and on a whole range of international issues such as climate change and energy security where the EU plays a key role.

Is this likely? Probably not, as Norwegian politicians prefer to stick their head in the sand and pretend that the world (or at least the EU) around them does not exist.
Despite this negative outlook - or positive for those who don't want Norway in the EU - the article gives a perfect summary of national party position and more pan-European issues.

I can only recommend reading!