Tuesday 16 February 2010

And Commissioner Piebalgs first met with...

...CONCORD, the "European NGO Confederation For Relief and Development".

I think that it is quite important to see whom a new Commissioner meets during her/his first days, because one can assume that these are the partners that his/her administration considers most important.

Andris Piebalgs, Commissioner for Development, decided to meet CONCORD as he mentions in his blog that he actually seems to be willing to use, although I doubt that he writes himself:
"[J]e tenais à rencontrer les ONGs dès les premiers jours car elles sont – Concord mais aussi bien d’autres – des acteurs et des experts incontournables dans notre domaine. Ainsi, bon nombre des projets que nous finançons sont mis en œuvre par les ONG sur le terrain. Elles sont aussi un aiguillon qui soutient ou critique notre action, et qui nous est nécessaire."
But this move towards more transparency is appreciated, and I hope the rest of the Commissioners will follow the example of Piebalgs, reporting what they do, whom they meet and, if they know, why.

And, by the way, good luck for you second term in the Commission, Mr Piebalgs - hope that the move from Energy to Development is inspiring!

PS.: Which reminds me that the third round of the blogging competition "Th!nk about it" is waiting for applicants - and the topic is "Development"!


antyx said...

Signed up for th!nk3 as soon as they opened registration. :)

Julien Frisch said...

Why am I not surprised.