Tuesday 23 March 2010

Comitology 2.0? - Implementing Article 291 TFEU

If I had time today, this blog post would connect my older blog post on the implementation of Article 290 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) with related work on Article 291 TFEU.

I would tell that on 9 March 2010 the Commission has put forward a proposal on how the member states will control the Commission under the Lisbon Treaty, a system they say is known as the Comitology.

I would hint to the PreLex dossier and the European Parliament dossier where you will find future documents on the matter, and then I would go into details of the Commission proposal, pretending I had known all this stuff for ages.

To do this, I should read the original 1999 Comitology decision, its 2006 reform decision and I should link to the 2001 standard rules of procedure for a committee in the Comitology system. I should probably do some more research, e.g. have a closer look into the Comitology register.

But since I don't have time you might have to do this on your own if these things are of any interest to you. Probably not.

Update: The European Parliament is pretty critical about the Commission proposals on delegated acts.


PN said...


Thanks for both posts on 290 and 291, although I was hoping on a more thorough analysis of the interesting bits of the new proposal like you did in the first post.

EuroGeeks Unite!

Good luck with your writing


Julien Frisch said...

Yeah, me too - but this kind of analysis is quite time consuming and also very dry - I am not always in the mood to get into this as deep as I could.