Monday 8 February 2010

Proxy shame & EUGOCOCO

Imagine you organise a large conference with communication professionals from 27 EU member states: What kind of announcement video would you produce?

Okay, you need to know two more things:
  1. You are fan of Bob Dylan.
  2. Your budget is 0 €.

If you stopped watching the video after 30 seconds because you cannot stand the amazing video and sound effects, please remember you are a Bob Dylan fan and at least watch the next clip until you have read the word that comes at minute 1:17...

Well, what I forgot to mention: You have a friend who is a fan of Star Wars. Maybe you should try this adapted version instead:

On Twitter, we have started using the hashtag #eugococo (European Government Communication Conference) for this conference that is announced so professionally that it can only become a major success.


Unknown said...

No way!!!! Please keep us informed on it...It's toooo big!!

Unknown said...

The video has been removed by the user, huge!!!!!

Julien Frisch said...

I suppose they have reached sufficient participants so that they could end their video ad campaign.