Monday 1 March 2010

UPDATED: The database of EU internal jobs: From EPSO to SitCen

UPDATE (Tuesday, 16:50): After short but hectic visitors' activity from Lithuania on my blog the /files subpart of the webpage linked below is no longer accessible for the public.

By accident - via Google - I came across a publicly available database on EU internal jobs announcements.

The database, provided by the Lithuanian government, mostly contains requests for national secondments but also background information on EU employment policy. The most recent entries for 2010 are here.

I wasn't sure whether this database was meant to be public, so one week ago I informed the Lithuanian representation to the EU about the fact that all the data was freely accessible. They have thanked me for my "kind assistance", but since all the data is still available I suppose that this information is in fact public.

I haven't gone through many files, but what I found is quite interesting and would merit a full series of blog posts. Just a small selection:
  • A presentation (.ppt) by the head of EPSO from January about the state of the EPSO reform;
  • a request from October 2009 for a seconded national experts on cyber attacks who should work with SitCen.
I suppose that if you go through the database you will find many interesting information. Even knowing what kind of national experts the different Commission DGs are looking for can be very helpful to see what kind of skills are requested right now within the institutions.

I am glad that the Lithuanian administration has decided to opt for transparency, and I can only hope other member states will join!

4 comments: said...

They have apparently reconsidered their transparency policy

Jon Worth said...

The main website has now been taken offline... :-( Some of the links to individual files still work though.

Mathew Lowry said...

Were 'internet security' and 'transparency policy' some of the skills they were looking for?
Sorry but I couldn't resist ... ;-)

André said...
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