Friday 16 April 2010

re:publica 10 is over

Wow, I could starting to write a book or organise the coming years around the ideas gathered during the three days of the re:publica 10 conference.

It'll need some days until I'm at the point where all these ideas are ordered: Data protection and data creation, data planting and data harvesting, organising campaigns and analysing them, hyperlocal and pan-European, online and offline, down-to-earth and extremely technical, crisis and normality, culture and anti-culture, young and old, freedom and control.

Trust me, many of those younger and older people who have gathered here in Berlin for the last three days pretty much know what they are doing. And while many are just doing old things in new ways, many more are thinking about new things in new ways.

My fear is that those holding crucial political, social or economic positions in our local, regional, national, European, international societies have no clue about many of the possibilities and dangers, about the technical opportunities and social needs behind many of the things we have discussed here.

But we don't care and we will do these things anyway, and we will win and fail as generations have won and failed before us.

PS: Most importantly thanks for the organisers and the many people I could meet, talk to and discuss with - hope to see you again very soon!