Saturday 10 April 2010

Europe in blogs - Euroblogs (16): Poland

As I have said in my previous post, "All Europeans are Polish citizens today", and Euroblogs from all over the continent are reacting to the Polish tragedy that has happened this morning.*

Danish: Anne Albinus

English: Stephen Spillane (Ireland) Gabriela Ionita (Romania), EU Referendum (UK), A Fistful of Euros, Eurotribune, Jaanika Erne (Estonia), Elina Makri (Greece), Erkan Saka (Turkey), Gideon Rachman, Charlemagne, Dániel Antal (Hungary), Hanna Sankowska (Poland), Alan Fisher (UK), @ribo, Nils W Frenzen (USA), Dave Keating

French: Guillaume Klossa, L'Europe de la Défense (several posts), Olivier Kempf, Prune, Pierre Rousselin, Samuel Faure

German: Günter Vetter, Sascha Götz

Italien: Andrea Matiz

Norwegian: Dag Yngland

Polish: Konrad Niklewicz

Romanian: Corina Cretu, Menaru

Swedish: Carl Bildt, Gunnar Hökmark

* The blog post will be continuously updated during the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I also am Polish these days, I said it, I repeat it, I am!

Anonymous said...

Look, here's another opinion!