Tuesday 27 April 2010

Where are all the promotional clips for the Euro? - updated

Below you see an example on why sometimes it is better to spend some more minutes on research before publishing a blog post. It's still worth a story, but it could have been much more consistent, precise and convincing.

Blogging at the speed of tweeting should be avoided - the results of thoughtful blogging look much better (but are much more work...).

It seems as if we are seeing a small EU communications disaster.

According to Raymond Frenken from EUX.TV, all promotional clips for the Euro have been removed from the EU's channel EUtube on Youtube (Update 1: One video - the one on "low inflation" - seems to be left on EUtube. Update 2: They are still on the Commission website... Update 4: However, the video on interest rates that is shown below is not available on the website.).

Frenken also reports on Twitter that he has been called by a (communications?) agency working for the Commission (Update 3: this one) telling him that he should remove the following video from the EUX.TV channel:

Why can't the Commission stand by (Update: all) its videos (Update 2: on Youtube), even while Greece is in trouble? Don't they believe anymore that the Euro is a good thing? What kind of message are they giving buy such actions? This is idiotic!*

* (even as idiotic as the videos look(ed) like)


Martin said...

They gotta be kidding us! I've written about these videos four weeks ago. And since I've been somewhat critical about these I'm happy to see that the EC isn't fully supporting them after all.

(If one wants assume that they've switched them to private [if fact the videos haven't been deleted from EUtube, yet] becaue the EC felt it would not be appropiate for the debate around the Greek bailout.)

Still, the Commission should keep the videos online. I mean they paid for them anyhow and no one really noticed them before. Additionally it sends a strange message if the EC is now censoring itself. I must agree with you, Julien.