Thursday 7 July 2016

Are Europol's anti-terror databases broken?

"The number of FTF [Foreign Terrorist Fighters] in Europol databases does not reflect the numbers reported by MS [Member States]" (Source: EU Council document
Maybe I'm seeing this wrong, but does that mean that Europol's anti-terror databases are broken? Are emails from all around the EU getting lost on the way to The Hague?

Does that mean that all the anti-terror work – including the creation of an EU counterterrorism centre – doesn't even lead to the EU's wannabe FBI to have a full picture on known terrorists and that Europol is thus unable to foster a proper sharing of information within the EU?

I'm in shock (unlike the terrorists).

The rest of the EU Council Terrorism Working Party summary document linked above is also interesting, for example if you care about Daesh narratives.