Sunday 10 July 2016

In memory of MountEUlympus (1 year after)

Today one year ago, fellow Euroblogger André of MountEUlympus died way too young.

André started his blog about one year after this one, but he continued blogging until a few days before his death with a post on "Possible scenarios for Greece and the Eurozone".

From TTIP to the situation of refugee in Syria, André knew already in 2013 what would be important in 2015. In 2012, he called Martin Schulz a (potential) leftist leader, 1.5 years before the latter would be nominated one of the Spitzenkandidaten (for the centre-left) at the last European elections in 2014.

André put forward a still valid typology of Eurobloggers and had written 100 posts by January 2012. In 2011, he was one of the few bloggers ever to cover the behind-the-scenes of an European People's Party Council but also one sharing photos from Verdun to highlight the value of the European Union or blogging 48 hours to remind Europe of a food crisis in East Africa.

He documented the first bloggers at EU Council meetings during the Hungarian Presidency in 2011. Arguing against the European Parliament travel to Strasbourg every month. And returning from China and quickly restarting to blog about European affairs.

André's very first blog post on MountEUlympus in May 2009 – written in German – was titled "Which EU in the future" about the role of the EU in Germany, Germany in the EU, and about the value that the European Union and free movement have had in particular for the younger generation of EU citizens. Two weeks after the Brexit this June, this sounds all too familiar.

André, you are and you will be missed! It was a pleasure to have known you, first online and later also in person. Thanks for your pro-European voice embedded in a global vision that did not end at the EU's borders but extended to Syria, to China, East Africa and beyond. We will keep your vision alive!