Tuesday 12 July 2016

EU podcasts: where are you?

Over six years ago, a bunch of Eurobloggers ran the EU podcast "Chasing Brussels" (see references here, here, here). You can still find the old Twitter account showing that the podcast basically ended after 10 episodes.

I remembered this because yesterday I stumbled over "A Diet of Brussels" by UK academic Simon Usherwood. It has an impressive 191 episodes, starting right after the Conservatives won the last UK elections, which effectively started the Brexit procedure culminating in the recent referendum.

I also know that Politico Europe has its podcast "In the loop" since last year, including sometimes in Italian, French, Spanish or German.

Now, since I haven't followed this scene for six years, maybe there are many more that I am not aware of.

Googling "EU podcasts" brings you to pages like the one of Oxford University, linking to episodes of different podcasts with EU relevance. The EU's interpretation service seems to have their own podcast. There's also a German podcast called "Fokus Europa" but only with a few episodes. And a Reddit thread on the topic of EU podcast died off quickly last years.

That's why I am asking you, EU crowd: Are there any more EU focused podcast existing today that are worth listening regularly?