Friday 26 September 2008

European Parliament buries Mikko's anti-blogger initiative

Relief. Happiness. Bliss. Felicity. Time for a coffee.

Yesterday, the European Parliament - this is the one that has a broken ceiling in Strasbourg - has managed not to break another ceiling. The Estionian fear initiative - sponsored by social democrat and PES member Marianne Mikko - to make the blogosphere more "transparent" (cf.: "glas ceiling") has been watered down to a level where the text of the resolution says:
25. Encourages an open discussion on all issues relating to the status of weblogs;
I think that is appropriate and I can only encourage parliamentarians to discuss openly the status of weblogs, especially considering their brilliant acknowledgement also to be found in the resolution:
[W]eblogs represent an important new contribution to freedom of expression and are increasingly used by media professionals as well as by private persons.
Brilliant. Amazing. Lovable. Cute. Substantial.

And actually, these sentences are the only two references to blogs in the whole resolution. After the huge discussions around the subject, it almost seems as if the parliamentarians have decided to ignore us as much as possible instead of bothering us with useless initiatives. Why not?!

There is some hope for the European Parliament, I suppose. Sometimes, a broken ceiling might be helpful to see the sun and to feel some fresh air. Very helpful for the brain, from time to time...

In this sense: Let's go outside and have a coffee, fellow bloggers!