Thursday 25 September 2008

European Union demands more daylight (updated)

From 2011, all newly registered cars have to have an obligatory daylight - to make our streets more secure, as the Commission tells.

Several news sources report about this nice little EU decision. This is why we need the European Union - to demand more daylight.

Daylight is also very important for the agriculture, and as everybody knows, agriculture is in the centre of our Union. Maybe, this decision on cars is a hidden agricultural subsidy, yet another one.

But if you want to read some counterarguments against this decision - please use the opportunity to consult the The Association of Drivers Against Daytime Running Lights (United Kingdom).

This is also what the EU is all about: For every piece of legislation, for every initiative, for every little detail, there is a funny counter-initiative.

I love the European Union, it is my daily bread, my daily absurdity. What would I do without her?!


For the full story - i.e. the history of the proposal - read the excellent article by EUreferendum (found via Publius).