Thursday 11 September 2008

German eurocrat leaks trade secrets

The Sunday Times has revealed that the German high-level European Commission official Fritz Harald Wenig, director for trade defence, divulged secrets worth several millions after having been invited to fency lobbyist lunches.

The two Times journalists investigating in this case disguised as British lobbyists working for a Chinese company, and Mr. Wenig followed their invitation to a fency restaurant to talk:
Within weeks Wenig was prepared to listen to suggestions of backhand payments and a proposal to take up a lucrative role with the fake lobbyists’ Chinese client.

It was no longer a joke. He passed on details about two Chinese companies which could not be obtained outside the commission and could have been commercially valuable – had he not been dealing with reporters.

Last week he also told the fake lobbyists about a crucial decision on footwear tariffs in advance of an expected decision on the subject this week by Peter Mandelson, the trade commissioner.
Trade Commissioner Mandelson has informed that an investigation is on its way.


I just saw that Vitalij was already dealing with the subject yesterday.


Anonymous said...

:), corruption and europe, I have to know.

But yes, this story is actually quite popular around the internet. It has been picked up by lots of bloggers. I suppose that's good. I only wonder whether it will have any impact in the long-run.

Ralf Grahn said...

Sting operations are interesting: Is abetting crime a crime?

Julien Frisch said...

If it doesn't harm the general public (or in other cases, private) interest, and it doesn't lead to actual damages, then why should it be a crime?

But I know, lawyers have a different understanding of the world... :-D