Tuesday 30 September 2008

European Parliament elections 2009: Overview article

UPDATE (26 April 2010): The European University Institute has published an eBook with Country Reports (~3 MB; PDF) on the European Parliament elections in all EU member states.

This article provides an overview over the more than 120 posts in the "European Parliament elections 2009" category in this blog.

For 11 months, from July 2008 to June 2009, I have been following the road to the European Parliament elections 2009, and this road was bumpy but extremely interesting.

I will continue to cover European politics and also the consequences of the elections but this special category has now ended.

For newer articles related to the elections use the tag "European Parliament elections 2009"!

Election results: BBC / European Parliament online / Wikipedia

The new MEPs by country: EP website


Link to the FINAL article: 07 June 2009

A summary and outlook, a final expression of disappointment - and my hope that we can make the European Parliament better!

Link to article N° 120: 06 June 2009

On the last day, Europe-wide interest is still low, and it looks as if the peak is already behind us.

Link to article N° 119: 06 June 2009

Why the early publishing of results in the Netherlands is right and no problem for the rest of the EU.

Link to article N° 118: 06 June 2009

On the continued ignorance of the European Parliament elections.

Link to article N° 117: 05 June 2009

EUX.TV and The European Citizen on the elections in the UK and the Netherlands.

Link to article N° 116: 04 June 2009

The media ignores the EP elections and Obama dominates the headlines with his Cairo speech.

Link to article N° 115: 04 June 2009

The elections are finally there.

Link to article N° 114: 29 May 2009

A hat tip to Charlemagne criticising the PES for criticising the wrong people.

Link to article N° 113: 27 May 2009

The end of the turnout panic. What turnout panic?

Link to article N° 112: 26 May 2009

After almost 11 month of coverage in this blog, my interest in the election campaign has hit rock bottom.

Link to an article outside the series

This blog will be archived for the online archive of the British Library.

Link to article N° 111: 21 May 2009

The EP web editors' plans to cover the election night.

Link to article N° 110: 20 May 2009

I have voted.

Link to article N° 109: 17 May 2009

It looks like the 2009 campaign analysis will not be much different to 1999 and 2004.

Link to article N° 108: 16 May 2009

Mark Mardell's (BBC) view on the disinterest in the EP elections.

Link to article N° 107: 15 May 2009

Another one on the media coverage of the election campaign.

Link to article N° 106: 15 May 2009

An EP election anecdote by famous EU scholar Andrew Moravcsik.

Link to article N° 105: 14 May 2009

A young volunteer's report from the Latvian pre-electoral campaign.

Link to article N° 104: 13 May 2009

Young Greens and Free Alliance Youth attack the other youth organisations for being conformist.

Link to article N° 103: 13 May 2009

PES leader expresses disappointment about not having a socialist candidate for the European Commission Presidency.

Link to article N° 102: 13 May 2009

On young candidates for the European Parliament: LYMEC.

Link to article N° 101: 12 May 2009

The three largest European political party youth organisations issue joint statement, together with Barroso, against youth abstention.

Link to article N° 100: 11 May 2009

The election campaign finally starts off, with articles and activities all around.

Link to article N° 99: 09 May 2009

The official EP campaign spot is a total fail!

Link to article N° 98: 07 May 2009

A could-be viral video campaign by the European Parliament is teasing for the EP elections.

Link to article N° 97: 05 May 2009

The famous American "Don't vote!" campaign has been Europeanised.

Link to the first guest post on Th!nk09

Why there are no true Europe-wide election campaigns.

Link to article N° 96: 04 May 2009

Very few EU expats are expected to vote.

Link to article N° 95: 03 May 2009

A look at party communication in Slovenia.

Link to article N° 94: 02 May 2009

Some remarks on Libertas.

Link to article N° 93: 01 May 2009

An interview with a Dutch EP candidate.

Link to article N° 92: 29 April 2009

An outlook on the EPP electoral Congress in Warsaw.

Link to article N° 91: 28 April 2009

The French justice minister ridicules the election campaign by strange behaviour.

Link to article N° 90: 27 April 2009

A youth campaign in Germany is trying to raise electoral turnout. Here: A panel discussion with EP President Pöttering.

Link to article N° 89: 25 April 2009

A funny negative campaign has started in Germany.

Link to article N° 88: 24 April 2009

My Twitter coverage of the PES campaign launch event.

Link to article N° 87: 24 April 2009

On campaign billboards in Austria (Greens and Social Democrats).

Link to article N° 86: 20 April 2009

A discussion on whether the Scottish are underrepresented in the EP.

Link to article N° 85: 19 April 2009

The deficits of the EP's information and motivation campaign in Germany.

Link to article N° 84: 18 April 2009

Why not campaigning for the tourist vote?

Link to article N° 83: 16 April 2009

An exchange of open letters between PES and ELDR

Link to article N° 82: 16 April 2009

A hint to a press review on the recent Eurobarometer results and an appraisal of eurotopics

Link to article N° 81: 15 April 2009

Some critical remarks on the open letter of PES leader Rasmussen to the ELDR and on the usage of bloggers for campaign purposes.

Link to article N° 80: 14 April 2009

How the latest results of the Eurobarometer survey and Twitter discussions relate to the European Dream.

Link to article N° 79: 10 April 2009

An opinion on the "Can You Hear Me Europe" campaign of MTV and the EU Commission.

Link to article N° 78: 09 April 2009

An appeal for more campaign exchanges of European parties' campaigners.

Link to article N° 77: 07 April 2009

A new website promises more accurate predictions of the election results.

Link to article N° 76: 07 April 2009

PES and JEF activists campaign with an open letter for a PES rival candidate against Barroso.

Link to article N° 75: 04 April 2009

Discussing the European Green Party manifesto.

Link to article N° 74: 02 April 2009

Up to 38 lists could run in Germany.

Link to article N° 73: 02 April 2009

A probable future MEP for the German Green Party reports about pre-election challenges.

Link to article N° 72: 01 April 2009

Some harsh comments from Lithuania on the EP, MEPs, and the upcoming elections.

Link to article N° 71: 31 March 2009

A Romanian newspaper remarks the national character of the European elections.

Link to article N° 70: 29 March 2009

Some interesting Polish candidates.

Link to article N° 69: 24 March 2009

On my disappointment that the EP campaign is so low-scale until now.

Link to article N° 68: 19 March 2009

A new platform will help EU citizens to make their choice for the elections.

Link to article N° 67: 17 March 2009

Discussions about the EP's awareness and civic education campaign for the 2009 elections.

Link to article N° 66: 16 March 2009

The daughter of Romania's president wants to become MEP.

Link to article N° 65: 16 March 2009

European Greens sponsor bloggers for their congress.

Link to article N° 64: 13 March 2009

Main European Youth organisations call for a true European election campaign.

Link to article N° 63: 12 March 2009

UK's Tories leave the EPP.

Link to article N° 62: 11 March 2009

On a sad story from Slovakia: Young MEP candidate dies in car accident.

Link to article N° 61: 10 March 2009

Czech parties use the internet more than ever, and the opposition might win the elections.

Link to article N° 60: 09 March 2009

On low turnout expectations in Romania and political parties' reactions thereto.

Link to article N° 59: 03 March 2009

Spanish newspaper El Mundo features EP elections on its website.

Link to article N° 58: 02 March 2009

Visibility problems of the elections in Latvia and funny questions from non-informed citizens.

Link to article N° 57: 27 February 2009

A link to a presentation of Slovenian candidates.

Link to article N° 56: 25 February 2009

Why Bulgarians don't vote.

Link to article N° 55: 24 February 2009

A combined poll that predicts the outcome of the EP elections: EPP + PES with majority.

Link to article N° 54: 24 February 2009

Wikipedia statistics show rising interest in EP elections.

Link to article N° 53: 23 February 2009

Low participation expected in Bulgaria.

Link to article N° 52: 18 February 2009

A French opinion poll on voters' preferences for the EP elections.

Link to article N° 51: 18 February 2009

EU Commissioner Hübner is going to fight Libertas during the EP campaign.

Link to article N° 50: 13 February 2009

Taking a look at the EPP manifesto.

Link to article N° 49: 12 February 2009

Europe Direct offers special election infos in the field.

Link to article N° 48: 12 February 2009

A reference to Grahnlaw's explanation of the legal foundations of the EP elections in EU law.

Link to article N° 47: 11 February 2009

The PES PR machine starts working, inter alia with their campaign website, which also contains the list of top candidates.

Link to article N° 46: 04 February 2009

ELDR launches new website without major innovations.

Link to article N° 45: 29 January 2009

The EPP will present its draft manifesto and its new platform DialogueTV.

Link to article N° 44: 29 January 2009

ELDR is campaigning for the EP presidency but expects just 100 seats in the new Parliament.

Link to article N° 43: 28 January 2009

French Minister Michel Barnier uses blog, Twitter, and Facebook for his online campaigning.

Link to article N° 42: 26 January 2009

The European Peoples Party (EPP) is confident to win the elections but does not seem very interested in campaigning for them.

Link to article N° 41: 21 January 2009

The EP has put up an unambitious sub-site on the European elections.

Link to article N° 40: 20 January 2009

The European Greens have started to develop their online campaign.

Link to article N° 39: 16 January 2009

I feel a raising interest in the elections; and there is still no full list of all candidates for all countries.

Link to article N° 38: 15 January 2009

The German Left spends 3 Million Euro for the EP election campaign.

Link to article N° 37: 14 January 2009

Young European conservatives seem to ignore the reality of young Europeans by letting their party ignore the internet.

Link to article N° 36: 11 January 2009

A link to the discussion of a recent UK poll for EU elections voting preferences and astonishment that Nosemonkey does not plan to vote.

Link to article N° 35: 10 January 2009

A closer look at the Party of the European Left, including the electoral manifesto.

Link to article N° 34: 08 January 2009

The Liberals in the European Parliament (ALDE) propose their leader Graham Watson (UK) as candidate for the next President of the European Parliament.

Link to article N° 33: 07 January 2009

This article contains a link list to the United Kingdom (UK) party/candidates' lists for the EP elections.

Link to article N° 32: 02 January 2009

Jon Worth predicts boringness to rule the election campaign.

Link to article N° 31: 23 December 2008

A new website managed by future journalists takes a look at the European parties.

Link to article N° 30: 15 December 2008

A comparison of the manifestos of ELDR and PES.

Link to article N° 29: 09 December 2008

The PES considers the Obama campaign as an example, but its manifesto slogan reveals old-style political thinking.

Link to article N° 28: 08 December 2008

The EU Commission expects a disaster for the 2009 elections.

Link to article N° 27: 05 December 2008

The visibility of the European Parliament elections is close to zero, and not much will happen to change this.

Link to article N° 26: 18 November 2008

A discussion about the danger of far-right parties to win considerably at the 2009 EP elections.

Link to article N° 25: 11 November 2008

Wikipedia statistics for the article on the European Elections 2009 shows rather low interest in the matter.

Link to article N° 24: 07 November 2008

Cafe Babel will soon launch a website that will follow the EP election process, while Facebook ignores the existence of these elections.

Link to article N° 23: 06 November 2008

In Finland, the electoral campaign for the European elections is too expensive for many candidates.

Link to article N° 22/2: 05 November 2008

Twitter for EU President (i.e. Parliament)! And how useless it is to use the internet for the EP elections.

Link to article N° 22: 04 November 2008

The President of the European Parliament has visions, coffee eases the vote, and the European Liberal Democrats have a manifesto as well as some encouraging words.

Link to article N° 21: 17 October 2008

The European Green Party (EGP) proves that the communication of the European parties regarding the 2009 elections is deficient. And Commissioner Wallström held a speech on communication problems ahead of the EP elections.

Link to article N° 20: 15 October 2008

Google will launch a special news service for the 2009 European Parliament elections.

Link to article N° 19: 10 October 2008

The conservative Czech Prime Minister wants a new conservative and eurosceptic political group in the European Parliament. The UK merges local and European election dates. More female candidates could lead to more women participating, and a British Liberal wants transnational lists as well as a lowered voting age.

Link to article N° 18: 03 October 2008

Anti-EU activities in Sweden and Greece, foreign voter registration in Malta, and confusion in Great Britain.

Link to article N° 17: 27 September 2008

The Party of European Socialists (PES) announces one single campaign and Commissioner Wallström reports tensions in the European Parliament.

Link to article N° 16: 25 September 2008

Summary of the Eurobarometer special report on the European elections 2009.

Link to article N° 15: 20 September 2008

The European Peoples Party (EPP) agrees on a policy paper on demographic challenges. Nothing new from other European parties.

Link to article N° 14: 19 September 2008

Low expected voter turnout in Estonia and Irish local elections on same day as European Parliament elections. Online campaigning is the future - but still a distant one for the European Union.

Link to article N° 13: 17 September 2008

Italy changes its electoral law for the EP elections and the Nice Treaty is the most probable legal basis for the 2009 elections.

Link to article N° 12: 16 September 2008

French Greens and German Liberals discuss their candidates. Europe is divided in left-right as well as into pro-EU and contra-EU.

Link to article N° 11: 10 September 2008

Political parties and candidates in Estonia, Poland, Greece and the Netherlands are preparing their electoral campaigns. The Bulgarian prime minister participates in programmatic discussions and an Irish is launching a pro-EU campaign.

Link to article N° 10: 28 August 2008

Germany's Social Democrats nominate their front-runner hoping to also make him the next German commissioner.

Link to article N° 09: 18 August 2008

Hungarian preparations for the electoral campaign.

Link to article N° 08: 09 August 2008

Schedules and planned activities of the European Parties - Peoples Parties, Socialists, Liberals, Greens - for their electoral campaigns.

Link to article N° 07: 06 August 2008

Discussions in Poland, Czech Republic, Greece and Malta about the political dimension of the elections. Some Greens propose an all-European campaign and Italy will pass a new electoral law for the European Parliament elections 2009.

Link to article N° 06: 01 August 2008

Discussion about European Parties' strategies for the elections as well as about the media coverage of European politics in general and the EP elections in particular.

Link to article N° 05: 28 July 2008

Remarks on the European Socialists' discussion about having a joint European campaign.

Link to article N° 04: 23 July 2008

Estonians might be able to vote via mobile phone at the European elections.

Link to article N° 03: 17 July 2008

Short look at European parties' schedules for the EP election campaign.

Link to article N° 02: 14 July 2008

The PIRIDEU project will track the European Parliament elections scientifically.

Link to article N° 01/2: 13 July 2008

Spanish hopes for the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty.

Link to article N° 01: 08 July 2008

Introduction to the category and a look at the European parties' webpages to see their state of preparation for the European Parliament elections 2009.


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