Monday 10 November 2008

European Court of Auditors report to be published today - updated

UPDATE: For a discussion of the 2007 report, read the follow-up article!

According to several sources, the European Court of Auditors will publish today its report on the 2007 (mis-)spending of the European Union and its institutions.

I have tried to reach the Court of Auditors' website, but right now it is either offline or too busy - in any case I do not have access to it for the moment.

But as soon, as I will see the report, you will get my commentary!


Now the website is accessible again. According to the press briefing (pdf), the report is already accessible to journalists now, but may not be published before 14:30 (Brussels time; at this time, the report will appear on the Court's website). The official presentation will be at 16:00.