Tuesday 11 November 2008

Tracking: European parliament elections 2009 (XXV)

Via Steffen's blog I found an interesting site that published visitors' statistics of Wikipedia.

Having a look at the statistics of the article on the 2009 EU Parliament elections, which appears on top of Google's list when you search for "European Parliament Elections 2009", one can see that between 70-250 people have been visiting this site per day during the last 3-4 month; in average around 120-130.

And although this is double the amount of the beginning of 2008, it is still a clear sign of low interest in the matter. The article on the European Parliament receives 7 times more attention these days.

Interesting to see is that the German and the French version of the article attract more interest than the English version, while the Italien version has less visitors. Any blind guesses, why this could be the case?

I will keep track of the development of these statistics in order to see whether there will be raising interest in the matter. Interesting to see would be a "turning point".

Under the category "Tracking: European parliament elections 2009" I am following up national and European activities on the path to the European Parliament elections 2009.

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defensur said...

then you could actually look at overall google search statistics through googleTrends

this would give stronger evidence about not only the time trends, but the moments when interest arise, and from which countries.

Julien Frisch said...

Thanks for this hint!

Yet, so far the Google statistics on this are not really good enough to display the amount of interest in the matter, rather a relative importance over time. And the search volume for "European Parliament Elections 2009" is also to low to be displayed.

The wikipedia statistics are at least covering exact figures, something I didn't find with Google.

Anonymous said...

the great thing about google trendsis that you can compare interest (add a comma betwen 2 terms). FOr example you can compare search data on EP with search data on britney spears to get an idea of the interest. And dont put reference to elections 2009, just European Parliament would do te trick

Anonymous said...

Jepp, I have just used "European Parliament", but from my point of view there is a difference between interest in the European Parliament and interest in the European Parliament elections. You can see this when you compare the stat figures on the Wikipedia article

Anonymous said...

Dear Julien,

The EUropean Parliament is elected, so a lot of people interested in "EU elections" might search for EU Parliament in wikipedia instead of "EU elections"...

More important: The PES is going to have its Congress next Monday and Tuesday and our manifesto will be adopted. The Congress will be for the first time ever available via life streaming from our website.

Many PES parties (especially in Eastern Europe) are going to offer the life streams also from their own party websites.

I hope you'll join our stream and watch the adoption!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, but we can much more sure that people who go to the European parliament elections 2009 page of wikipedia are looking precisely for this event, thus although we do not get the whole picture, we at least get a more reliable picture on the raising interest.