Thursday 6 November 2008

Tracking: EP elections 2009 (XXIII)

Today, I have started to read the biggest Finnish daily, Helsingin Sanomat...

And although from the Finno-Ugric languages I only know some Estonian (Tere päevast, ma rägin veidi Eesti keelt!), a good fairy (alias Ralf Grahn or Grahnlaw) has sent me a very nice hint:

The Finnish newspaper reports about "Parties seeking money and candidates for European election". According to the article, one of the most important issue for Finnish politicians is to get the necessary funds for the elections.

Other than for the national parliament elections, where the country is devided in 15 multi-candidate constituencies (1), for the European parliament candidates have to compete nation-wide for the 13 seats that Finland possesses according to the Nice Treaty (and also according to the Lisbon Treaty).

This raises the costs for the campaigns massively while lowering the chances to actually get a seat. For me, this is a quite surprising effect, taking into account the perceived importance of the European elections: Interested politicians have to invest more money to interest citizens in an election that has generally less interest than local or national elections, while offering less possibilities to be successful.

And suggestions for a good solution?

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