Tuesday 4 November 2008

Tracking: European elections 2009 (XXII)

Via openeurope blog I found these introductory remarks in an Guardian article by EU Parliament President Hans-Gert Pöttering (European Peoples Party, EPP):
It would be wonderful to think that the intense interest with which Europeans are following today's US presidential election might be matched by Americans watching the European parliamentary elections in June 2009.
I fully share openeurope's comment: Ha ha!

Anything might happen until next year, but not that the EP elections will get nearly as much attention in our media than the American presidential election got attention in our media. The fault is to the EU, because it is increasingly boring and increasingly intransparent. The only alternative could be: Free coffee!

Meanwhile, on this weekend, the European Liberal Democrats (ELDR) met in Stockholm for their congress, adopting, inter alia, their manifesto for the next EP elections.

In the press release from the meeting (which does not yet contain the manifesto...), we learn that
Annemie Neyts, ELDR party president expressed her satisfaction and added: I really encourage all the member parties to base their European campaigns on this common European liberal vision.
This does not sound overly optimistic that member parties will actually use the European vision, it rather sounds like a helpless plea to desinterested national parties. But I might be mistaken... At least ELDR's youth organisation (LYMEC) shows a bit of enthusiasm and informs that they have a "Facebook strategy".

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