Tuesday 2 December 2008

Anyone but Barroso!

YES, I want anyone but Barroso as next European Commission President!
I wanted to write this for weeks, but somehow I did not make it. So now, let's repeat it, let's cry it out, let's make it heard all over the place:
You may ask: Why?
  • Because he is without any inspiration for Europe, he is without any spirit that would be needed to make the goal of the European Union of truly uniting Europe a reality.
  • Because he looks so grey next to shining national leaders that it is no wonder that the nation state appears more attractive than the European Union.
  • Because he is the personification of bureaucracy, the personification of boredom, of everything that made the EU gain its notority .
But thanks to the initiative of Jon Worth, there is light at the end of tunnel.

The project
Anyone but Barroso!
is uniting those of us (e.g. me, Kosmopolit, Nosemonkey) who think that Europe and the European Union deserve more than just a Barroso. Maybe we do not yet deserve EUropean Obama, but we deserve definitely more than what we have today. And although we still don't know who could and should replace Barroso, we still know one thing: We don't want Barroso!

Yet, in this context, it is almost shocking that the Party of Euopean Socialists has decided not even to nominate a candidate running against Barroso (via Jon). It is shocking because it shows that there is no interest in European politics, no vision for a European future, no courage for real European debates.

So if the political parties do not have the courage to change Europe, then maybe we have to do it on our own!

No, I am not megalomaniac! I am just a democrat, a European democrat who has a European dream and for whom this dream is still worth fighting.

And Mr Barroso is not part of my dream - because this would be nothing but a nightmare!

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Ralf Grahn said...


There seem to be a few EU citizens with democratic inclinations, in spite of the parties "representing" us.

Anonymous said...

I suppose so, yes... :-)