Tuesday 2 December 2008

Thank you, Kosmopolit, ...

... for sharing a friend with me!

Some time ago, I was calling Europe a village, and these days this is confirmed again:

Kosmopolit and I, we have never seen each other, we haven't met, and we haven't lived even close to each other in recent years. Yet, as we now know, we share a friend, a person that we have met on one of our various stays on this beautiful continent. We have met him not even in the same country, the same city, at the same time, but with a difference of time and space that makes this coincidence even more surprising.

Europe is a village - in fact, a small village - and this is why I am convinced that we need a political project that tears down all walls and borders on this continent, our common village. Some will call this project "European Union", but I don't care how it is called. I care about what it offers to us, which opportunity it provides, which spirit it promotes.

What is important is that we can move freely, meet freely, and realise as free persons that we belong together, that our lives are interrelated and that there is nothing better than to discover that we share a friend - or two, or three...


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Europe is quite a village and this is a very nice coincidence. Maybe we even meet in person one day. It would not surprise me ;-)