Monday 22 December 2008

European Union member states ruining fish stocks

I am not getting it: The EU member states united in the Council of the European Union ignore all warnings that they are finally ruining the fish stocks of our seas by allowing massively high and unsustainable fish quotas.

I have limited my fish consumption for more than a year to almost zero, because I am convinced that every consumer has a responsibility for his or her actions, and us demanding to much fish is one of the reasons that our fishermen and fisherwomen are massively lobbying for quotas that are far beyond sustainable levels.

But since I know that my single contribution is not enough, I can just ask other consumers to join, and call upon member states to stop their contumelious actions and to follow their own decisions, the recommandations of the European Commisison, as well as scientists all over the continent.

Stop exploiting the sea in a way that will ruin the ecosystems and relevant fish stocks in a very near future!