Wednesday 24 December 2008

The Czech EU-Council Presidency (2): Council working programme

The working programme of the Council of the European Union under the Czech Presidency has been published in two Council documents.

On 41 pages of a first document, you can find the schedule and possible agendas of the Council in the compositions:
  • General Affairs and External Relations (GAERC), meeting on 26-27 January, 23-24 February, 16-17 March, 27-28 April, 18-19 May, and 15-16 June
  • Economic and Financial Affairs (ECOFIN), meeting on 20 January, 10 February, 10 March, 05 May, and 09 June
  • Justice and Home Affairs (JHA), meeting on 26-27 February, 06-07 April, 04-05 June.
In the second document, on 35 pages, the schedule and possible agendas for the Council in the compositions:
  • Employment, Social policy, Health and Consumer Affairs (09 March, 08-09 June)
  • Competitiveness (Internal Market, Industry, and Research) (05-06 March, 28-29 May)
  • Transport, Telecommunications and Energy (19 February, 30-31 March, 11-12 June)
  • Agriculture and Fisheries (19 January, 23-24 February, 23-24 March, 23-24 April, 25-26 May, 22-23 June)
  • Environment (02 March, 25 June)
  • Education, Youth and Culture (16 Feburary, 11-12 May)
can be found.

In total, this would be 31 Council meetings for the first half of 2009, and a long, long list of possible and probable agenda items to be dealt with.

(Update): Read Ralf Grahn's article on the Czech EU-Council Presidency priorities


Ralf Grahn said...

If I remember correctly, the Czech Government has approved the final contents programme, but they are not going to publish it earlier than around New Year.