Sunday 13 September 2009

The EU in German blogs (8): The priorities of the Greens in the European Parliament

New MEP Ska Keller reports about the discussions around the priorities of the Greens in the European Parliament as well as about her own priority (own translation; links added):
"Last week there was a meeting of the group in which the priorities for the group for the next year were discussed. It's just the first reading, and I ask myself how the board will bring together all the different (good) proposals. There are just too many huge problems that are all important, but there is no sense in putting up 20 priorities at once.

Jan and I are already planning to work mainly on the Stockholm Programme during this year.


Hans said...

Well, that leaves another 53 green MEPs (or EP Greens) to deal with the remaining 19 or so priorities, right?

Julien Frisch said...

Let's see whether they'll reduce their priorities to a more condensed list... :-)