Friday 25 September 2009

Europe in blogs - Euroblogs (9)

I am trying to catch up after my trip to Hungary. One week with only rough checking of Euroblogs feels like a decade without reading a book.

First and notable there is new member in our euroblogging family: BBC's Gavin Hewitt will be the new Brussels correspondent and started promisingly and enthusiastically into his euroblogging career with a reflection on "The capital of Europe" and followed already by three other posts since Tuesday.

In the meantime, Open Europe is bashing the Young European Federalists because they support the Irish YES to Lisbon with public money, while my favourite EU lobby watch Brussels Sunshine criticises "MEP-industry fora" as lobbying events without transparent funding.

Josh from the EP web editors notices that the European Parliament is not always working very media friendly, while La Com européenne discusses the recent re-launch of the portal.

Joe Litobarski published the first "Chasing Brussels" podcast in which I will also participate in the future (couldn't be there this time due to time constraints), enriching the EU media scene with more personal voices on EU politics.

Behind The Scenes one is waiting for Klaus, while Poland has opened a new (European) chapter in its security policy orientation, summarises Jean Quatremer.

Eva takes a look on how the new Commission will look like regarding substance and power, while Grahnlaw voices uncertainty on whether the next Commission will just be a temporary Commission until Lisbon enters into force.

On Ideas on Europe, Pietro de Matteis points out that Iran is now using the Euro as main foreign exchange currency while Giorgi Gotev is delighted to report that (thanks to the retreat of Commissioner Ferrero-Waldner) the Bulgarian diplomat Irina Bokova has been elected UNESCO Director General.

Oh yes, and don't forget to notice the second round of Think about it! (Twitter hashtag #think2), this time on Climate Change. Many Eurobloggers are participating, inter alia: EU Law, Stephen Spillane, Joe Litobarski, Andre Feldhof, Conor Slowey, Louis Lepioufle (anyone missing?).

Cecilia Malmström is also on a long road to Copenhagen, but not on the Think2 train, while Mitja preferred bikes during the European Mobility Week.

This all happened while Germany finally ratified the Lisbon Treaty, as is registered by Europe & You (given that Ralf's trust in the German diplomatic service is justified) - and so we are now waiting for voice(s) of the Irish, with my own hopes being on the YES side!

There was much more in euroblogs over the last days, but that's it for now. "Europe in blogs - Euroblogs" will be back soon.

PS.: And the Swedish Foreign Minister still embarrasses with his sheer endless stream of blog articles, more than any other individual euroblogger. Sweden and José Manuel Barroso, can you make him EU Commissioner for Communication, please?!


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