Sunday 6 September 2009


I've already been telling it to some of you, but since I am quite busy these days - thus probably not much blogging this week - let me shorten the process a little:
I will come to Brussels.
This may not sound revolutionary for someone writing a blog that has become focused on the European Union. But it will be the first time in two years and thus the first time during the life of this blog that I set foot into the bubble.

I am also a complete Brussels outsider, my last visits being connected to pre-scheduled short-term events with limited amounts of time to really discover the political scene of the city.

So I'll probably arrive in the evening of the 30th of September and stay for a week. And in this week I'd like to meet with as many people as possible, starting from breakfast and ending with the last glass in the evening.

I want to discuss EU politics, life in Brussels, and maybe possible projects that one can set up to get closer to an EU democracy 2.0.

I'll still contact some of you (as soon as I know that the date is definite), readers and commentators of this blog, whom I want to meet, but if you're already interested in meeting you can also email me and I can then try to get my schedule right.

Oh, and be aware that I come as both, political blogger and political scientist researching on EU decision making, so you may face questions that concern both interests...

PS.: One question: Does anyone know a nice and simple place to stay? Like a cheap but central hotel/pension where I get a single room and wireless internet? (No breakfast needed.)


Brussels Blogger said...

Great news! Will certainly want to meet.

As for where to stay: have a look at

I haven't been there but passed recently and had a look at the reception. It's very central. Not sure about WIFI though.

Eurosocialiste said...

Hi Julien,
I'd be very happy to meet if you have a moment when you are in Brussels, although I'll be away from 1st to 4th. My email is
Looking forward to hearing from you!

Macarena Rodriguez said...

The same that Eurosocialiste and even we can meet us together. we work on the same place so it could be easier for you

Julien Frisch said...

I'll contact you soon; I'm just too busy this week to figure out details of my Brussels trip. JF