Monday 21 September 2009

German Lisbon Treaty by-laws pass second chamber

Just in case you didn't notice:

On Friday, the Bundesrat, the second legislative chamber of the German federation in which the 16 federal regions ('Länder') are represented, has passed the German Lisbon Treaty by-laws that were necessary after the Constitutional Court decision in June ruling that the by-laws were unconstitutional.

In the televised news on Friday they told that the president (who needs to sign the law) will wait for a hint by the Court whether he can sign it or not since it seems that some (unnamed) individuals have again brought an action before the Court.

But since neither the political group of the Left nor the deputies from the Christian Socials, who were the main complainants last time, are opposing the law - which they'd make very clear during an election campaign - I don't see any substantive problems for the President's signature.

The only question will be whether he'll be able to do it before the Lisbon referendum in Ireland...

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Don't worry, the European magic will make that everything becomes possible believe or not.