Monday 9 November 2009

Europe in blogs - Euroblogs (10): Fall of the Wall Special

Today is clearly a historic day, and the blogosphere and the euroblogs use the opportunity to look back in time, into their own lives, into global moments, into politics and art.

L'Europe en Blogs is just murmuring about the event, and strappato is glad that at least once in his life he was at the right place at the right time.

A Fistful of Europe focuses on the immediate effects, while the New Europe Blog prefers the special effects of films.

The 9th of November reminds Matthias Fekl of his childhood in Berlin, and Shiraz Socialist is reciting a poem on the "Good Town".

More poetry comes from The Lobby with the text of the song “Over de Muur” from 1984, while Carl Bildt is remembering less poetic politics from the time before the wall fell.

Georgia Gotev compares the American 9/11 and the European 9/11 as days where everyone old enough to remembers knows exactly what he or she was doing on either day - and EUonym clearly remembers that she was at Frankfurt in November 1989.

Still looking to 1989, Gavin Hewitt is remembering the time together with Angela Merkel, and European Union Law is remembering communism in general. takes a much deeper look into the past and reminds us of Kennedy's speech in Berlin in 1963, while the Hauptstadblog sees the changes Germany went though over the last 20 years from different perspectives.

Others have arrived in 2009, and so for Andreas Bock the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change has to be as important as the 1989 events, while for EU Referendum 2009 is already a failure because the Lisbon Treaty set up new walls.

And although there are probably hundreds of more posts on the subject today, let's just close with the call at Le Taurillon - "EUROPE, tear down this wall" - and then let's tear down all walls that still exist here and elsewhere on the planet!