Wednesday 11 November 2009

Central Europe Activ on the new Hungarian Commissioner

Germany has nominated a very odd candidate for the next European Commission, but now Dániel from the Central Europe Activ blog reports about the coming Hungarian Commissioner Laszlo Andor - and the article doesn't paint the most promising picture:
"Mr Andor’s is a non-executive member of EBRD, Europe’s development bank. He was ejected to this position when his small circle of far-far left intellectuals in a far-far left periodical called Eszmélet (Consciousness) stood behind the most right-wing pragmatist later prime minister and party chief, Mr Gyurcsány [...]

He was a kind of a politician, every bending the truth, also a gentle man, a guy who liked to play soccer with the students, who had strange friends ‘in the movement’ in Western Europe. He was never elected to any other position, never ran for office and never took a job in any branches of the government of his country.
" (via Jon on Twitter)
I recommend reading the full article - it's a first hand account of somebody on which very few people might actually have knowledge!