Saturday 21 November 2009

Chasing Brussels Podcast Episode 008: Rompuy, Ashton & Gender Politics

We have been recording the eighth "Chasing Brussels Podcast" this evening.

I have been able to join again after long absence - and obviously it is focusing on the two major issues of the past week, the nomination of van Rompuy & Baroness Ashton and the Gender Balanced Commission campaign:

In this episode, three men sit around and talk about gender politics in the EU.

Joe Litobarski hosts this week, and he’s joined by Julien Frisch and Conor Slowey to talk about the appointment of Herman Van Rompuy as European Council President and Baroness Catherine Ashton as High Representative for foreign affairs.

Is the appointment of Baroness Ashton a good thing for women in EU politics? Or will it hurt the chances of the Gender Balanced Commission campaign to push for a more equal Commission? All these things and more in this week’s podcast.

Chasing Brussels 08 – Gender Politics

If you have comments on the podcast, please comment directly on the page of this episode so that we have everything in one place - have fun!

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Linda Margaret said...

I like the podcast. The new Gender Gap 2009 study is out, and the EU countries rank well ( Where they fall behind is in the economy. Women are getting to the point where they are qualified but they fall behind (fears about maternity leave, family responsibilities held largely by the woman, etc.) Belgium is especially notable for this-more flexibility when it comes to family care vs. employment falls to the woman usually. I wonder how much impact Belgium and an EU Institutional location in Brussels has on the EU Eurocrat gender ratio?

Julien Frisch said...

Hi Linda,

here are the gender statistics for the Commission: