Wednesday 24 March 2010

Euroblogs on EuroparlTV

In its broadcast on 22 March, the EuroparlTV programme "Press Corner" has taken up my article "20 women who run the EU (blogosphere)" and Prune's post "Index: men's first" on her favourite male eurobloggers and discussed some of the Euroblogs we mentioned in our articles.

This presentation of the euroblogs starts at minute 16:50 under the headline "Media Buzz".*

Blogs mentioned in the five minutes of the "Media Buzz" (cf. full transcript) in this Press Corner were, inter alia, Cecilia Malmström's blog, ECJ Watch, La Oreja de Europa, L'Europe en Blogs, Coulisses de Bruxelles, Charlemagne and Kosmopolito.

* You can also watch the video one the EuroparlTV website where it's easier to see the loading progress bar of the video to click yourself at the right time in the clip.


Macarena Rodriguez said...

It is great! but they just said about mine that it is a "good publicity" for EuroparlTV... Well, better than nothing. Thanks Julien for your post. It means European institutions are "watching" us!

Julien Frisch said...

What they won't like

I didn't find this because I watch EuroparlTV, but because I came across the transcript through Google. Why should I watch 15 minutes discussion about Greece or about Farage that has been going through the media and blogs for weeks?

Macarena Rodriguez said...

I was watching it and I though the same. 3 journalist talking 15 minutes about EU "last-minute" issues! my god. Then, they claim up for audience!