Saturday 20 March 2010

Radio music. Newspaper. Fresh coffee.

Starting the weekend with radio music, the newspaper, and a big cup of black coffee.

Good morning, Europe!

PS.: My reading recommendation for the weekend are the panel presentations (panel 1 & 2) from this European Defence Agency conference last month - a pretty clear view at where the EU is in terms of military capabilities right now.


Joe Litobarski said...

A newspaper? I've heard of those! They're rare historical documents, right?

Martin said...

So, you listen to radio Fritz. Interesting.

Julien said...

Yes, I read a newspaper (e-paper version) and pay for it. And when I listen to the radio I like the Fritz approach to music.

Martin said...

Since we're sharing so many private details today .. I'm more the radioeins type (have been listening to Fritz for a long time, though.)