Tuesday 29 June 2010

EU Concours 2010: EPSO in troubles?

If I'm reading Samuel's euroblog post (French) correctly and add this message* issued by EPSO (the European Personnel Selection Office) that concerns the same matter, EPSO could get into deep troubles with it's 2010 concours - if it isn't already.

PS.: The Court of Auditors will love that... (background)

* (via @samuelbhfaure on Twitter)


Anonymous said...

... and did you catch that moment (well, half a day) when someone posted onto Facebook code which allows anyone to use their EPSO account to hack into the EPSO system's back office, and see everything which EPSO staff can see about them?

Sure glad they take security seriously at EPSO.

Maybe they should call it Error Prone Selection Office?