Monday 7 June 2010

One year ago...

... at this time I was sitting in a polling station in Germany to support the administration of the European Parliament elections 2009.

At that time, my 120 posts series on the pre-EU-election process had also come to an end. Without that series and the interest it created for me to write about European communication and European day-to-day politics, this blog might not have evolved, I might have given up writing soon after I started.

And so I would not have discussed issues like "Footsoldiers & Generals in European Communication", I might not have written "The Week in Bloggingportal: Thinking about the future" and blog posts like "Kücükdeveci - A European case" would not have been followed up by other European blogs today, four months after I wrote them.

I must admit that after the EU election process I was "a little" disappointed, but the process has helped me to develop a voice and the disappointment has become determination to move things forward more actively. I'm not yet sure whether we will succeed, but since it cannot get worse than it was one year ago, it's still worth trying.

But one year ago, I was sitting in a rather quiet polling station in Germany hoping that more people would show up in the afternoon...


Europasionaria said...

One year ago, I started blogging. 2009 was a year full of excitement and events in the Eurosphere to write about. Since then, now that's it's all back to business, I've had to find inspiration elsewhere. The day-to-day policy-making of the EU is not as fun as election time!