Monday 21 June 2010

The European Citizens' Initiative: Council amendments - updated

Some days ago, I've already reported that the Council has come to a general agreement regarding the regulation of the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI).

Now I took a look back into the agenda of the Council meeting of 14 June and then into the Council document register and found the actual document (Update: 2nd revised version of 22 June) with the concrete changes that the Council proposed regarding the Commission draft.

Very interesting is, for example, the proposed new introductory clause 11a:
The Commission is encouraged to promote the development of an open source software which will provide the technical and security features necessary for complying with the provisions of this regulation as regards the online collect systems.
What is also significant is the list of possible identification documents/numbers that are listed for each member state from page 24, which, if I recall correctly, was not in the initial draft.

I'd recommend going through the whole document to follow all proposed changes; I suppose that this is particularly interesting for the Members of the European Parliament involved in the drafting process (saw for example that ALDE organises a seminar on the ECI implementation tomorrow).


Anonymous said...

I find the document unredable.

BTW : What is an 'Identification document'?

An ID card of a citizen?

Julien Frisch said...

Regarding the unreadability: Welcome to the world of EU documents… ;-)

Regarding the IDs: It depends on the country (see the list on page 24) - for some it's just the ID card or the passport and some, like France, have a long list of other official documents that one can use for identification.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for your hard work, over here in the US, there are not as many people interested in EU as there should be.

There are many that are interested and you are providing a rich source of information.

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