Thursday 10 June 2010

Finding official EU information & documents

The EU is a messy place.

But: There is nothing better than the list of official document registers from EU institutions, agencies and other bodies on the website to start with when you are looking for the raw stuff, the originals, the backgrounds, the hidden treasures, the lovely bullshit language produced by administrators, diplomats, politicians, and lawyers to make our life better (and theirs, because they make a living on producing all these documents).

I promise, you will love it!


Dimitris said...

Thanks for the positive feedback Julian. I look after this section of EUROPA. The FAQs are a very basic start, we are currently working on the impossible: a comprehensive online guide to EU publications to help users. So more on this I hope soon.

Julien Frisch said...

Thanks for reacting, too! And you have a tough job, indeed, to do that work of building up a comprehensive guide.

Good luck with that! :-)