Thursday 7 August 2008

Denmark in conflict with European Court of Justice

While some say that "there's no news" in August, Le Monde reports:
"Denmark is heavily questioning a judgement of the European Court of Justice concerning the Irish legislation dealing with family reunions. The Luxembourg judges have indicated that the foreign - "non-EU" - spouse of a European citizen could move and travel around with this citizen within the Union without previously having legally resided within one member state. This decision goes against the more and more restrictive policies implemented in that matter in several European Union member states."
(own translation)
(See also the press release [pdf] of the case (N° C-127/08) "Metock and Others v Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform".)

That is another example of the tendency of the European Court of Justice to take decisions that are extremely pro-integrationist, especially when it deals with questions of free movement within the European Union.

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