Tuesday 5 August 2008

Tibetans and Germans, the suppressed peoples

Is it necessary to comment on such stupidities?
"If it is wrong for Beijing to impose its rule on the Tibetans in the name of harmonisation, why is it right for Brussels to impose its rule on equally historic nations? Surely the national principle applies to Europe, too. If Tibet can legitimately aspire to independence, Germany must have the same right."
Who has elected him into the European Parliament?


rz said...

Essentially every post of Mr. Hannan is of this type. This guy is a complete jerk. And if you really want to see crazy you should take a look into the comment section. You can find quite often comments that "blood will flow in the streets" if the EU will not do this or that.

Comparing the EU to China is actually a very mild criticism after he compared it already to Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany and Mugabe's Zimbabwe.

Antal Dániel said...

I think it is a very legitimate claim that countries must have the right to leave the EU.

The sad think for the UKIP and independent British MEPs is that they could never fully persuade their compatriots to leave the EU, but they know that most of the British electorate is not really convinced that they want to stay forever. This must be very frustrating for the Mr. Hannan-types. There is always hope but no satisfaction.

It must be very inconvenient to sit in an EU body and wishing to quit. I think until he can hold on to his mandate he will be telling these kind of things all the time.

He has another intriguing recent blog post: No one has ever come up with a better idea than nationalism.