Saturday 30 August 2008

The European Council: What to expect?

To answer the question, please just read EU Referendum's nice analysis of the situation, which concludes:
"[W]hat we are seeing from the EU is the usual display of institutional impotence, dressed up in fine language but devoid of action. Very soon we will have seriously to consider revising the EU's motto. From "united in diversity", it should become "united in inaction" – the only thing the "colleagues" can agree on."
I don't have anything to add.


Lady Patriot said...

Actually, we should be glad if the Eastern Euroepan "Member states" are ignored, as many of their complaints about Russia appear to center around injustices under Soviet rule. The Community should not be used as a tool for East European "Member States" to get revenge againt modern Russia for past injustices!

That said, it would be a tragic mistake if the Union downgraded its relationship with Russia. Peace and a final solution for the area around Georgia will be hard to come by if such a policy results from the Council. What should occur is a to make Russia a part of the solution of the crisis

Ralf Grahn said...

Apply 'liberum veto' in foreign, security and defence matters, and what can be expected?

Ironically the anti-Europeans crowing about EU impotence are the ones fighting tooth and nail to make the European Union even weaker, handing over power to the autocrats of this world. Great!

rz said...

@ Ralf Grahn: Exactly! It is extremely hypocritical for anti-Europeans to complain about the EU doing nothing. That is exactly what they always wanted.