Monday 18 August 2008

EU Green Paper "Copyright in the Knowledge Economy"

The EU commission has recently published the Green Paper "Copyright in the Knowledge Economy" (found through the "Arbeit 2.0" blog):
"The purpose of the Green Paper is to foster a debate on how knowledge for research, science and education can best be disseminated in the online environment. The Green Paper aims to set out a number of issues connected with the role of copyright in the "knowledge economy" and intends to launch a consultation on these issues."
That is what a green paper usually is meant for: It sets out the design for a consultation process on specific issues which then leads to the identification of relevant policy issues for the future agenda of an organisation. The green paper heavily predetermines the outcomes by structuring the agenda setting process, but it leaves enough room to influence at least the details of future policies.

I do not have time to analyse the document (if you speak German, I recommend reading the Arbeit 2.0 blog), but I wanted at least point to it for those of you who are interested being a part of the consultation process.