Friday 3 October 2008

Commissioner Mandelson leaves Brussels towards London

See the follow-up: Baroness Ashton new EU commissioner.

Via Jon Worth I just got to know that EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson will leave the EU Commission to go back to the British government.

The British Prime Minister Gordon brwon is restructuring his government, and aparently, Mr Mandelson will strengthen his position if he returns to the UK.

However, quoting from a Times article:
"Mr Mandelson will leave Brussels unfulfilled in two of his main aims: the collapsed WTO talks for which he travelled the world trying to keep alive; and his championing of Russia’s case to join the WTO, which has also fallen on stony ground in recent months after a promising start. He was also the subject of a poster by the No campaign in the Irish referendum on the Lisbon treaty, alleging that his free trade policies would ruin Irish farmers."
It is unclear who will follow Mandelson in Brussels, but Jon Worth speculates that it could be Patricia Hewitt. Let's sit and wait and see...

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