Wednesday 15 October 2008

Tracking: European Parliament elections 2009 (XX)

Via European Avenue, who came via en.europa-eu-audience I found Rosie's article at the Public Policy 2.0 blog, where she informs:
Google is planning on launching an online election service to cover all aspects of the European Parliament elections in June. If it is anything like the Google service for the US elections then it should give viewers the chance to stay up to date on the latest campaign maps, news, videos and blog posts from the election trail.
The original info is from EUobserver, where we are also informed that
"[c]ontacts directly with the European Parliament will soon be established, but a launch date is yet to be decided."
This is quite interesting news - and maybe this will also change the way I will have to handle this category in my blog.

Google has changed our lives, and it seems as it continues to do so. It could well be that it even changes the next European Parliament elections...

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