Friday 17 October 2008

Tracking: European elections 2009 (XXI) - supplemented

It is just a little remark, a little comment, not even real news, but the European Green Party (EGP) last weekend held its Council meeting in Paris. In the press release before the event they informed, inter alia, that:
The main focus for this Council Meeting will be the adoption of a number of key elements of next year's Common European Campaign for the European Parliament Elections, including the main points to be included in our manifesto.
Now, five days after the event has ended, the only information we get is a resolution (pdf) passed during the event. Nothing about the Campaign, nothing about the manifesto, nothing about the elections at all.

This is again a point of reference for the fact that the communication of the European parties in general but especially with regard to the next EP elections is deficient. All of them are working on the issues, but the amount of information brought to the public is minuscule. The only exception might be the Party of European Socialists (PES), but even their flow of information has ceased after the end of their manifesto consulations.

Most of the European parties demand more transparency from EU institutions, but I don't see much from their side, either...


If you want to read more about European communication problems and the role of the political parties ahead of next year's elections, I recommend reading a speech by EU Commissioner Margot Wallström published by EESC Secretary General Martin Westlake.

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