Friday 3 October 2008

Tracking: European parliament elections 2009 (XVIII)

The mastermind of the Swedish social democrats' anti-EU faction will run in the 2009 EP elections.

EU citizens living in Malta will need to register in order to be able to cast their European vote in 2009, which contradicts statements made earlier this year.

The Communist Party of Greece has published its anti-EU "Electoral Declaration". This party received almost 10% at the last EP elections in 2004 and is represented with three deputies in Brussels/Strasbourg.

The British Liberals have chosen "Security" as their major topic for the 2009 EP elections. However, the recently published Eurobarometer (I have discussed it here) makes some of them hesitate.

Under the category "Tracking: European parliament elections 2009" I am following up national and European activities on the path to the European Parliament elections 2009.

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