Saturday 22 November 2008

The European Union's decline: 2025 in perspective

From EUobserver:
By 2025, the European Union will be a "hobbled giant" crippled by internal bickering and a eurosceptic citizenry. Eastern European organised crime could dominate one or more member state governments, and the bloc will likely be kowtowing to Moscow after having failed at all attempts to wean itself from Russian energy supplies.
My comment:
This dark assessment is sponsored by the US-Government, published in a report named "Global Trends 2025 - A transformed world" (PDF; > 8 MB!).

In fact, I share the report's assessment on the European Union. I just think that the US and Russia will have entered into a nuclear war before, leaving no single human being on the European continent. In fact, this will solve all our institutional problems. The next Global Trends Report will then be needed for the year 10025, at least for large parts of the globe.

Hmm, I love predictions of the future...!


Jon Worth said...

And with Barroso as Commission President it's sure to happen!

Ralf Grahn said...


The trends build on the EU structures in sight, the current alternatives being the Treaty of Nice or the Treaty of Lisbon.

Without real powers and real democracy the predictions seem pretty accurate, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

I do not disagree, but making predictions about the future of a bloc of 27 (and more) countries for the next 17 years is still quite speculative.

Inter alia, because this means we cannot change anything, which is a quite depressing perspective.