Friday 30 October 2009

EUX.TV on the future European Council President

EU-Council President Frederik Reinfeldt:
"It's not possible to discuss the role of the European Council President without coming in to the name issues."
European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek:
A woman as European Council President would be an important symbol, as it was to elect somebody from the new member states as EP President

Thanks at Raymond Frenken from EUX.TV for producing the video!


Eva Peña said...

I think that they will choose a less controversial candidate than Blair. Not even Balkenende would suit (who was Prime Minister when the Netherlands voted No to the Constitutional Referendum), and even an europeist like Juncker has no support from Germany nor France.

Definitely Socialists have showed their preference for a Socialist High Representative, rather than a Council President, so we can infer that the latter position is intended to have a low profile.

Anyway, be ready for an unexpected appointment, as happened with Barroso, whose presidency in 2004 was a surprise.

nilleren said...

Is Jerzy Buzek thinking of any one in particular? Any guesses?