Monday 12 October 2009

I don't mind climate change

Quoting myself from a comment I made to a post of fellow euroblogger Stephen on Th!nk about it 2:
"I don’t mind climate change, I rather mind overuse of limited resources, destruction of natural habitats, and the rapid pollution of our environment, some of which [just] overlaps with concerns regarding climate change."
In other words: I think that the goal of preventing climate change is less important than the goal of changing our behaviours so that the earth will still be a liveable place with a healthy environment and enough natural resources for every human being, now and in future generations - no matter at what temperature this will be.


Joe Litobarski said...

Hi, Julien,

Overuse of limited resources and general environmental destruction are, of course, serious threats. But you missed out nuclear war, antibiotic-resistant diseases, extreme poverty, famine, transnational crime, terrorism, etc.

I mind all of the threats to us - including climate change. They are all pretty crappy. ;-)

Julien said...

Well, some of the problems - like terrorism - are overrated. What I meant is that climate change in my point of view is not an immanent threat and although it looks like the latest changes are humans-made, this kind of change can also happen without human intervention.

When it comes to environmental questions, however, there is much more serious threats to the earth's biosphere (e.g. the seas) than rising temperatures.

All the other problems are important, too, I was just putting climate change in relation to more pressing questions of human influence on the earth.