Friday 9 October 2009

Obama wins Peace Nobel Prize for talking

The only good thing Obama has brought to Europe lately is to abandon the missile shield plans.

For the rest, I share what I read almost everywhere on Twitter and Facebook: Obama should not have won the Peace Nobel Prize, not while having Guantanamo open, not before meeting the Dalai Lama, not while still having his military stationed in two foreign countries, not while he hasn't changed anything but talk.

At best, he gets it for hope - but winning for words is not enough, you need to win on action!

PS.: Proposed hashtags for Twitter: #warnobelprize #wordsnobelprize #hopenobelprize #failnobelprize


cheap said...

I am shocked when i heard the news...

Anonymous said...

Obama may be talking to people more than he predecessor (which is a positive first step) but he hasn't actually made much of an impact on world peace yet.

A premature award.

Ralf Grahn said...

Hope is important for the world, but it is a sad reflection on the world we live in, if the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee found no deeds worthy of the award.

Unknown said...

Well, Julien,
this time you are wrong.
Not completely wrong, but wrong implying

"JUST for talking".

Obama is slowly turning the ship away from
W. Bush's course - in energy, in Gaza, in providing a chance to Iran, not the least, in preventing the second round of the arms race, by canceling the (infamous) US missile bases in EE (Poland, CR).

I would say that is enough - and all that just by talking.